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Frac Sand Hauling Jobs: Drive for Us

As one of the most respected crude oil transportation logistics companies in the industry, we specialize in frac sand hauling throughout the oil field and beyond. With our large number of loyal customers, we proudly provide some of the most sought after frac sand hauling jobs in the industry. If you are looking for frac sand hauling jobs, or other work in oil field transportation logistics, contact us today for information on our current job openings.

Why ONE MORE LOAD TRUCKING has the Best Frac Sand Hauling Jobs


Our company was built from the ground up with hands-on trucking experience. Our clients know this and have come to expect the very best – and always receive it. Because of that, we have many repeat clients throughout the tri-state area, which allows us to keep our drivers busy. We have both oil field trucking jobs for company drivers and owner operator jobs available. We give preferential treatment to applicants who have at least six months oil field experience to maintain the high level of expertise our clients deserve. However, we can provide oil field training for established drivers who do not have specific oil field experience.

  • Booming Industry: As a result of all of the equipment needed to run frac wells and the remote location of many frac sites, this means that frac sand hauling jobs require dedication and expertise. As crude oil companies reap big profits from their wells, they are willing to pay top drivers to get complex materials to and from tough sites quickly and safely. If you can handle the high expectations, you can reap big rewards as a frac sand hauler.

  • Training Provided: At One More Load Trucking, we prefer our drivers to have hands on driving experience in the oil industry. However, if you have two years over the road experience, but do not have oil field logistics experience specifically, we can provide in depth training that gets you ready for our frac sand hauling jobs. We recognize that some of the best drivers may not have come from the oil industry, so we will make exceptions to our field experience rule and provide training for those we hire for frac sand hauling jobs who may not have worked on a well.

  • Big Miles: Our company provides unrivaled customer service. Drivers who are hired for our frac sand hauling jobs join a team of dedicated individuals and a client base that extends from . Because of our outstanding history, we have an established customer based and we hold Master Service Agreements with some of the largest oil companies in the industry who depends on us for oil field transportation services. Therefore, we can keep our company drivers and owner operators in our frac sand hauling jobs busy.


Contact Us to Apply for Our Frac Sand Hauling Jobs


We are currently hiring drivers for our regional frac sand hauling jobs. Contact us today if you are ready to work for one of the most respected transportation logistics companies serving the crude oil industry. Come be a part of building up America’s energy independence, all while earning great pay and benefits driving for our committed customers who are in need expert handling and service.


  • Weekly settlements

  • Direct deposit available

  • Convenient settlement deductions for fuel, physical damage insurance, rentals, etc.

  • Fuel card available

  • Trailer and/or Chassis rental

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