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About the Owner

One More Load Trucking has been able to deliver clients' orders so safely and consistently in large part thanks to the innovative ideas and sterling leadership of its co-founder and owner, Keith Coyner. Drawing on more than a decade of experience in the transportation industry, Keith first established a business as an Independent Contractor for FedEx Ground. He has since founded One More Load Trucking, a Canonsburg, PA-based frack sand hauling company, thereby extending into the Oil and Gas industry.

Keith’s insight into the trucking industry comes from his experience working in it at every level. He started his career in 2009 as temporary driver for FedEx Ground, and from there worked his way into a full-time position. He eventually purchased routes of his own and became an Independent Contractor for FedEx Ground, later owning more than 35 routes in two separate Pittsburgh-based terminals. This gives him a wealth of expertise into how to run a successful ground shipping company. As a former driver, he knows the challenges that truckers face on the road, and how these difficulties can impact the overall success of a shipping operation. And as a contractor who was responsible for a substantial amount of territories within one of the largest delivery companies, he knows the constraints those companies face in meeting drivers’ demands. Keith has thus developed a strategy to give drivers everything they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Keith’s innovative ideas and knack for spotting opportunity continue to serve all clients of One More Load Trucking and its affiliates. By regularly raising the standards of safety, speed, and quality, he helps One More Load Trucking's clients meet their oil field transportation needs and operate at full capacity.

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